Eye of the tiger

We’ve all heard the song and we’ve all seen the movie. Rocky movies, one through five were a staple in my household when I was growing up and I think it taught me something about life.

 Rocky, the first movie in the series, has to be my favorite. Why?

Well I’m going to explain and just for all of you who have never seen this movie, let me just say: Spoiler Alert!

In the first movie, Rocky knew he could never beat Apollo. All he could do was outlast him. Get knocked down then get right back up for some more. Well anyone in the writing business will tell you: it’s a lot like that. Receiving rejection from editors, agents, consumers, anyone really- is hard, but the point is to pull yourself up by the boot straps and keep fighting, keep writing, keep doing what you love.

Now Rocky, he knew he couldn’t win but did that mean he went into the ring like a pansy?

No! He fought like hell, gave Apollo Creed a run for his money by hitting him with his best shot. 

When entering the writing and publishing world or any new career, don’t go into it thinking you’re going to fail. Put your best work out there, show them you’re willing to learn, willing to take constructive criticism, show them…what you’re made of.

Finally, the last round is over and the judges have to decide who won the fight. Well of course Apollo keeps the title of undefeated champ of the world but no one would have expected this underdog to last as long as he did. Especially Apollo, who thinks it was just a lucky fight for this southpaw. Most of us know, that Apollo demands a rematch, which Rocky goes on to win.Why?

This is obvious: He had the eye of the tiger.

He was hungry for the win: Wanted it more than he wanted anything else.

What better way to look at life. Want your dreams more than anything else. Work hard then work even harder to achieve your goals. Remember you’re the predator, hunting your prey, which is your dream. You’re hungry for it-starved, so never take your eyes off it, always have…the eye of the tiger.


The open window

With spring fast approaching and the weather reminding me of it already, I find myself ready to open the windows of my home. Let the fresh air, the songs of the birds, and the smell of spring flowers into the rooms.

Sigh…It’s too early. I know, but it’s got me thinking about being open in life. Like the window, it can let in the good things the world has to offer, yet it can also let in the bad.

 Obviously you wouldn’t want the window to be open during a torrential rain or wind storm. Dust, dirt, and water filling the rooms is a strict, no, no, but when you open a window in life, is it a risk you take?

Like writing a book for example, I’m opening myself up to the public, showing them my creativity at a large-scale. I’m sure some people will love it, but I’m also very sure some people won’t.

 Criticism can hurt, we all know that, but that’s the name of the game. When you open a window, you open it to what ever may come and hopefully most criticism will be constructive.

 Okay maybe that’s asking too much but either way, I think one has to take the good and the bad with a grain of salt. My writing might sound genius to one person and like a load of crap to the next, yet neither of these people would be wrong.

 I can hear the gasp already but listen up, it’s kind of like the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  Not everyone is going to think you or your work is great, you defiantly can’t please everyone. One person may give you a rave review giving you confidence galore while someone else comes along and cuts you off at the knees…it’s tough, there’s no doubt about that. The trick is to use this knowledge to your benefit.

 So I know what you’re thinking, ‘if it rains just shut the window?’

 Right? Well maybe, if it’s an actual window but as far as criticism is concerned I’m not so sure if one should shut it all out. Heck, it may help you grow stronger in writing or whatever venture you are trying to accomplish. One thing is certain, we may not see ourselves or our work as others see it. We’re too close to the project or looking at it through an emotional lens. Sometime criticism is the only thing that may give us a better looking-glass at our own work.

 Lets keep this in mind the next time someone gives you something to think about, good or bad…and remember try to be your own open window.