The write sock

Picking the right genre in romance is hard right? Wrong. I think most authors will tell you that they began writing in their genres because it was something they were very passionate about to begin with. Yet this got me thinking, what if you are undecided, or what if you like two genres and can’t choose between them? Well I have an analogy that might help but let me just add; I’m not an expert by any means…just someone that has been learning along the way.

Picking a romance genre is a lot like picking the perfect pair of socks. Socks, you ask? Yes, please don’t commit me before you hear me out.

When picking a genre ask yourself, what am I comfortable with, what do I feel confident in, what would be way over my head, and what makes me unique? Or in sock terms, the comfy sock, the white sock, the ugly sock and the borrowed sock.

The comfy sock: For me a comfy sock is made of soft cotton. Wrapping snuggly around my foot and ankle, making me feel… oh, so warm and happy.

I’m comfortable writing paranormal romance. Why?

Probably because I have read a lot of them. When I write about witches and lycans I feel at home. Transporting my mind into the land of magic and mayhem is fun and exciting. Oh and dare I say it…just like the perfect sock it make me happy.

The white sock: Clean and crisp, fresh from the package, makes me feel, oh so pretty. The look at me now socks. Yeah that’s right I said it, I’m proud to wear these socks.

I wanted to write about something I was going to be proud of. Something that would make me dance around the room singing, something that I would want to show off to my family, friends, and eventually the world. When I write paranormal romances, I’m confident that I have something… creativity… a message… just something to offer that people would enjoy.

The ugly sock: Yes y’all know what I’m talking about here; the sock with holes in the toes and heels. The one with dirt stains that are all stretched out that you push to the back of the drawer and say, “I’ll wear these gardening or painting or,” whatever, you’re not wearing them to the doc’s office that’s for sure. You don’t want anyone to see them cuz let’s face it, they’re just not good.

I’m a firm believer to write what you know. I love to read historical but I don’t feel like I could ever write one. At least not yet, I envy other authors that write them…I mean they transport you back in time, making you believe you were there. Personally, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I would feel over my head. Not able to deliver the type of story I know I’m capable of. So, whatever you write you want to put your best work out there, not hide it under the bed or in the back of drawer.

The borrowed sock: Sometimes I accidentally grab my hubby’s sock. How can I tell the difference? Well about half an hour later, I find the sock shimming around my ankle as it bunches up in my shoe. Yeah, super fun.

I have so many favorite romance authors but when I write a romance, I want it to be my own. Coming out with fresh ideas that no one has ever done-hard. But, I like the challenge, it was one of the reasons I started this whole venture. Remember all the reasons you wanted to write to begin with. Let your voice be heard. Be inspired by other authors let your imagination roll with them but your unique voice is what readers really want to hear. Anything other than your original voice just won’t be the right fit for your book.

Yeah okay so I know this was a stretch but I hope you liked it but above that I hope for all you out there, writers or not… I hope you find the ‘write sock’ in your life.




2 thoughts on “The write sock

  1. LOL
    Or the colorful argyle sock that’s pink, blue and green?
    aka erotic?
    we do like to be different. 😉

    Great post and very true.

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